Our first steps of making Geeks against GBV come true

Women and children are affected by Gender-Based Violence on a daily bases. According to UN estimated 35% of women experienced sexual or physical violence from their intimate partners or strangers at one point of their lives while other researches show that 70% of women experienced intimate partner violence throughout their lifetime. Women receive globally Geeks against GBV project is meant to serve as a tool of preventing gender-based violence and raising awareness. If women and children are encouraged, reassured and are aware that they can immediately report about their struggles and sufferings and be heard, the level of injustice will decrease shortly.

Geeks Against GBV’s First Steps

Before implementing any project, thorough research is a MUST. As a company working directly with IT, Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) decided to rely on the experience and professionalism of Gender violence prevention experts and organized a brainstorming conference. On October 19, GBV experts: Jina Sargizova, Maria Abrahamyan, and Marine Eghiazaryan along with other change-seeking participants shared their thoughts about which aspects of GBV are triggering aspects and what course of actions will be more useful and productive for creating a mobile application. Because of how broad the topic is, the experts suggested five specific gender-based violence to be in focus:

  • Violence against women
  • Sexual violence against children
  • Virtual sexual abuse
  • GBV analysis
  • Sexual Education

The brainstorming served as an essential tool in the process of preparing for the upcoming hackathon in November. As our next steps are in progress, we are preparing for the upcoming hackathon and planning to involve developers and GBV experts along with activists who will support us during the journey.


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