Geeks against GBV Hackathon (December 15-16)


On December 15-16 young creative computer enthusiasts and GBV fighters gathered at Engineering city to develop interesting solutions focusing on making a mobile application to fight against the issue of gender based violence.Participants worked for 24 hours and proposed their ideas, project prototypes by pitching them to the jury members; Bagrat Yengibaryan, Areg Gevorgyan, Jina Sargizova, Tsovinar Harutyunyan, Zaruhi Hovahnnisyan and Mher Manukyan evaluated the projects and encouraged the innovative participants to keep working on their unique approaches.

Among the winners were four groups: ARATTA, Interate, Rani, Support.AM and one individual: Anna Margaryan who won with a condition that she  will be facilitated with the necessary tools to implement her project.


One of the winner teams- ARATTA  proposed a unique project by combining jewelry with a mobile application to report occurring gender based violence. The accessories that will contain an SOS button which will immediately report the case to the nearest police station will be a great disguise. With three or more taps will turn on the GPS which will quickly report to the victim’s family, friends and police. In case the victim lost  his/her phone , just a tap will send signals to the phone via Bluetooth which will result in sound and light signals.

The materials for making the gadget are flexible lithium-ion battery, piezoelectric sensor and Bluetooth. The GBV prevention gadget will be sold in jewelry stores and look like other typical jewelry not to give away the purpose to the offenders. As the team was awarded with 1.000.000 AMD , they will work on implementing the project and create a prototype that will continue developing.

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Iterate’s team members pitched their idea of a mobile application for gender based violence prevention with an advanced, logical solution. Judging from the usual problem that occurs while the victim is attacked: the lack of possible access to their phone, in 24 hours Iterate developed an outline of an application with three sections.

Upon installation, the app requires Geo-location data. In the cases where a person feels like there’s immediate danger of substantial physical damage they can swiftly double tap on an emergency button, hence sending a request to’s website that will be recorded as a case of imminent domestic violence, that is happening right now. The person who suffered harassment must know that there are places where they can seek help and this needs to be presented in a very clear and logical manner.

Finally, a section about sexual education, with relevant books, courses, videos, that shall be created with the help of a professional. In order to avoid possible blame from others which may occur, they decided to limit the functionality to only posting a story about their own experiences, without the functionality of comments or interaction, at least in the initial iteration of the application. Finding a way to ensure that the poster will not get any negative feedback on her story is important and we’re thinking of ways to do that.

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Two girls Raya and Ani who came to the hackathon individually won the prize in order to collaborate together and unite their ideas.

They came up with a plan to raise awareness about the importance of sexual education . The mobile application will be a sexual education app with short and animated video courses. Second part will consist of tests to check the learned knowledge. Third section will be FAQ- frequently asked questions about what to do in different situations. On the bottom there will be two buttons: forum – to speak with others, and the another one – chat with an expert (psychologist or doctor and etc.).

Their goal is showing people that the body and all the processes are not something to be shy about. The aim is  informing and preventing bad outcomes, and breaking the stereotypes that are so tight around sexual development.

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Anna Margaryan

Anna Margaryan worked on a strategy for creating a textile button which will contain, biomedical sensors a transmitter, recording and ML repository. As an accessory it will disguise the real purpose and assist without putting the victim into gadget related danger, it’s something else to  have to take out your phone out to report about the case. Anna was announced as one of the winners with a condition that she will be connected with professionals that will help her with materials and make the project come true.

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Support.AM is an application that helps women to deal with gender based violence of different categories. Its UI is user friendly and easy to use.  The application provides the availability of resources, improves the communication between women and appropriate social organizations as well as police representatives.

Support.AM has different options to notify about the acts of violence both in regular and in emergency situations one of which is the SOS button.

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Triple-E’s team pitched that sex-based interruption of pregnancy (abortion) is a topical issue all over the world and especially in our region. In addition to the ethical aspects of the issue, it also greatly hurt the health of the woman (the future mother), and often they are compelled to do so. In order to avoid such cases we are bringing a free solution to calculate the sex of the future child. The algorithm of the calculation is based on the scientific research and Freiman-Dobrotin sex determination method. Due to this technical solution, we prevent any physical and psychological violence against the woman’s (future mother’s) health. Although some families do not resort to abortion, however, the consequences of being unwanted are affecting psychological well-being the child both in the prenatal period and in the future.

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DevelopWay- Happy Family

The team focused on three challenges: Violence against women, GBV analytics and sexual violence against children. They pitched to create an assistant mobile tool to identify and minimize the risks of potential violence. The device focuses on tracking the user’s behavior and predicts potential risks and provides information about support services. The application is anonymous, sends alerts, contains a blog/forum to establish a communication between  experts and victims.

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Since it has been scientifically proven that people who have been abused as a child or have been a frequent witness to violence, it is more likely that they can use violence. In the 21st century, children witness violence through some films and TV shows.To solve this problem, during the hackathon, they developed  a software to recognize and blur scenes of violence in TV shows and movies. This software is intended for implementation in a smart TV and set-top Box, as an advanced version of parental control.

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Safe Click

The safe click team pointed out that people are always  concerned about their personal safety. They are concerned about being alone when something happens. In an emergency people don’t have the time to get to their mobile phone, unlock it and dial a number. With the Safety Button from Safe Click, people can quickly activate an alarm and send out an SOS with your location to friends and family.

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Nowadays children play online games and are unconsciously affected by curse words used by older players . MIND’s team suggested and worked on an identifier of such virtual abuse. As soon as the device would detect a curse word, it would beep it out and keep the children safe from those words. The challenge is to develop the detector with all possible curse words that are used by online players.

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ALGO’s main focus was establishing a communication platform for experts and victims to come together and provide support. Although the team did not specifically focus on creating a mobile application establishing good connections is important in the process of fighting against gender based violence.


Not every street is safe to walk through at different hours. Hilearn team offered an application that would identify risky roads. The person using the application that is close to being a navigator can see if the street he/she is passing through is safe or not. If not they can take another root.

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UPRO offered a solution by a device called fear catcher and mainly focuses on child abuse. The device can be attached to the TV or any other set and identify the emotions a child is feeling while watching TV or when someone is around them. The device catches the child’s mimics and emotions in different situation.

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All the participant teams showed so much dedication to the change. The possibility of a change with the help of the youth is a progress we all encourage.


Geeks against GBV info sessions


What is a hackathon?

Our reader may or may not be familiar with the concept of a Hackathon.

Before holding the first info session, we figured out that many people involved in GBV are not familiar with Hackathon’s concept, purpose and the way it is conducted. To make the entire journey of implementing the project and achieving the best results, we decided to organize a couple of info sessions and also impact the Hackathon culture in Armenia.

A Hackathon is a 24 hour event, competition, brainstorming that brings together field enthusiasts to work on possible solutions regarding a particular issue and after 24 hours pitch their solutions. In our case it was of course finding mobile application solutions to contribute to the prevention of gender based violence.

What is the importance of an info session?

Providing online guidance about what a program is about and what are the goals is surely effective, but face to face Q&A is necessary to satisfy possible participants’ curiosity.

What happened?

On December 3rd, 2018 Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) in partnership with Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center  (ISTC) held an information session for interested participants. During the information session, ISTC’s manager Areg Gevorgyan who is also one of the organizers of the Hackathon and EIF’s director Bagrat Yengibaryan presented Geeks against GBV Hackathon’s main principles and goals. They also answered participants’ questions encouraging them to bring their innovative ideas to the Hackathon that will be held for 24 hours on December 15,16 at the Engineering City .

ISTC organized  another info session on December 13, during which GBV expert and Hackathon organizers  answered interested participants’ question. They will also be present during the Hackathon to provide their guidance to the participants regarding the five specidifc GBV issues : Violence Against Women, GBV Analytics, Sexual Violence Against Children, Sexual Education, Virtual Sexual Abuse.

The second info session during which GBV expert Jina Sargizova shared her experience in the field and answered teams’ questions regarding the data availability in Armenia and possible prevention applications. Even after the discussion multiple participants approached Mrs. Sargizova to share their ideas and possible solutions to the issue. They were motivated and assured to attend the upcoming Hackathon.


Our first steps of making Geeks against GBV come true

Women and children are affected by Gender-Based Violence on a daily bases. According to UN estimated 35% of women experienced sexual or physical violence from their intimate partners or strangers at one point of their lives while other researches show that 70% of women experienced intimate partner violence throughout their lifetime. Women receive globally Geeks against GBV project is meant to serve as a tool of preventing gender-based violence and raising awareness. If women and children are encouraged, reassured and are aware that they can immediately report about their struggles and sufferings and be heard, the level of injustice will decrease shortly.

Geeks Against GBV’s First Steps

Before implementing any project, thorough research is a MUST. As a company working directly with IT, Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) decided to rely on the experience and professionalism of Gender violence prevention experts and organized a brainstorming conference. On October 19, GBV experts: Jina Sargizova, Maria Abrahamyan, and Marine Eghiazaryan along with other change-seeking participants shared their thoughts about which aspects of GBV are triggering aspects and what course of actions will be more useful and productive for creating a mobile application. Because of how broad the topic is, the experts suggested five specific gender-based violence to be in focus:

  • Violence against women
  • Sexual violence against children
  • Virtual sexual abuse
  • GBV analysis
  • Sexual Education

The brainstorming served as an essential tool in the process of preparing for the upcoming hackathon in November. As our next steps are in progress, we are preparing for the upcoming hackathon and planning to involve developers and GBV experts along with activists who will support us during the journey.